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“Human is the only specie in Earth, that Hunts, Tortures and Kills its own for Pleasure.”
What’s wrong with humans? Is there anybody out there in Governments or Power Circles with some sense of respect for the Planet Earth and its Habitants?
By the time of publishing this book (November 2018) my Wife and I have known and helped more than hundred Venezuelan families in their Asylum Applications, including one family from Ecuador and other one from Colombia.
This same year two “Caravans”, around 7 thousands of low economic resources people forced by Violence of Criminal Organizations, Abusive Governments and Poverty to walk away out of their root spaces in America Central and Mexico in search of saving their lives into the US.
In the other side of the Planet Earth, over 100 thousand of people in same or worst conditions of the ones belonging to the “Caravans”, risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean Sea out of Africa to Europe, causing death of large percentages of this population by starvation or drowning.
Moving around the Globe Rohingyas are being killed and forced to leave their root spaces by the Myanmar Army…