Dallas mayor says Trump administration’s proposed ‘public charge’ rules would harm city’s immigrants, economy – Dallas News

Josephine Lopez-Paul, the lead organizer for Dallas Area Interfaith, said Monday that immigrants could pull out of programs like the Children’s Health Insurance Program to protect their status. The result, she said, could be “a crisis for our city.” 

The Children’s Health Insurance Program isn’t yet part of the proposed changes, but the federal government does say it wants public comments on whether to include CHIP in the final rule.

In its statement about the proposals, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services leaned on the concept of “self-sufficiency,” calling it a “basic principle of United States immigration law” for decades. Homeland Security Director Kirstjen Nielsen said in a September news release that the proposed changes were also meant to “protect finite resources.”

Steven Camarota, research director at the conservative Center for Immigration Studies, also said in a written statement that “America must prioritize the care of its own poor.”

Rawlings said in his comments that the city agreed that the federal government should be able to ask immigrants to show they can sustain themselves. But he wrote that the proposed rules “go well beyond what is necessary to make such an assessment.”

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